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Scratching the Surface

I have this one pan that I love to cook with. I went to use it the other morning and noticed a scratch in it. I was highly upset. Not just at the scratch but that my request had not been followed. I’m the person that when I ask for something or for you to do or not to do something it’s for a reason. Using a fork in my pans scratches them and removes coating from them. So the good cooking even surface has been defamed. And while still usable, it’s not the same. I’m going somewhere stay with me.

We can be like the pan. God told us not to use a certain thing, be around a certain person, not comment on a topic but we’ll do it anyway because we are hard headed and think we know what’s best. We’ll move on with our day not knowing our words and actions have scratched someone else’s surface. We’ve hurt them in a way that it’s reached under the skin that you see and damaged an artery in the heart. And while they are still usable, they’ve been hurt. Then comes doubt and then fear. See how that works. And it all started with us being “real”. Sometimes we have to understand that our realness ain’t for everybody. Everybody can’t take the level of truth as you supply it.

I remember an episode of the Cosby show where Vanessa brought her boyfriend home. He was older. Cliff explained to him that while he was a great meal, he had been presented on the trash can lid. The conversation was poetic. This is what we do as Christians. We present the gospel on a trash can lid because we are not using wisdom.

You are out here evangelizing with a nasty attitude. God calls us to be the salt of the earth. Not because salt is bitter but because salt adds flavor to a dish. People used to barter with salt. If salt was part of a girl’s dowry, then her family was said to be wealthy. But you have no wealth because you don’t have the Lord’s salt. You’re out here supplying your own and it’s bitter to the taste, to the hearer.

Learn how to use God’s salt. Then when and where to sprinkle it. Learn how much to use or if He even wants you to use it. Learn all of this by listening to and following His directions. Don’t scratch His pans.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- Nakya


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