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How We Use Our Words

I have an issue with two words that float around the church. Sinners and unchurched.

The first is sinner. Listen we are all sinners. It’s not the word itself that I hate but the usage of it. When I hear some say that they want to pray for the sinners, the denotation is that they want to pray for the people that don’t come to church. What you're really doing is praying for all people. Christians may have an issue with being called sinner. Well here is my reasoning. We all fall short of the glory of the Lord. We all are dealing with something. None of us are perfect. I believe the world has taken the word sinner and used it as a division between good church folk and bad worldly people. Yet, we can sit in church Sunday after Sunday hearing the word yet still gossip about each other, lie, have sex outside of marriage, disturb the peace in our households with our foolishness, and so on and so on. This for me is why we are all in some form a sinner. This is why I'm striving to be more and more kingdom minded daily.

The term unchurched is a lot like sinners for me. In its usage, some people have placed themselves on pedestals as if they are better than others. Listen, I’m unchurched. I didn’t grow up in a church and although I’ve been going to church for 15 years I’m still unchurched. My reasoning is simple. I don’t do doctrines. Let’s break this down. Many people will tell you that there is a way that you act in church. I don’t do this. I think the circus has it wrong. The Greatest Show on Earth can be the church. I’m not one face in the House of God and another on my job. I’m me. I treat people in the church house the same as I treat people in stores, on my job, at the restaurant, at the gas station, etc. I don’t subscribe to the contract of having to say Hallelujah/Amen at a certain time during the service or dancing all over the place to show I’ve got the Holy Spirit or hyping up a false non-power filled word delivered by the speaker of the hour because it’s "0the thing" we do in church. Yep, I’m unchurched. Didn’t group up phony, wasn’t taught phony, won’t be phony. I don’t do doctrines inside or outside the church. I'm striving to be more and more kingdom minded daily.

Now, let me break this down on the difference between church and kingdom. The church is the building. It’s the physical location that one goes to. Kingdom is what resides on the inside of the person. If your place of worship has enough of those with kingdom then the building becomes not just the church house. It becomes the physical manifestation of the tabernacle that lives inside of you. This is what is missing in the body of Christ. Kingdom and those striving to be Kingdom.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- Nakya


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