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Hear and Listen

I was reading my daily devotional this morning - Relying on God in Times of Trouble - and realized that the author wrote this prior to the pandemic. It seems that nowadays everyone is trying to be inspirational. However, this devotional came to me back in March. Which meant it had to be in written months ago, maybe as far back as December. Writing via blog is a quick process. You write, you post. But writing books, journals, devotionals, and etc. take time. First the writing, then the editing, then the re-writing, then re-editing, then (hopefully) publication. It's not quick and it's not instant gratification.

However, this author, decided to write a message of hope for this particular day. If my hypothesis on the timeline is correct, then he or she could not have written a message so on time for today knowing what the world is facing. Their message was a written to give us hope during all periods of time in our lives. No matter what or when the storm comes, it will have to come subject to God. Our job in this is to Trust and Believe that God is, God will, God shall.

As a world we are all feeling the effects, I was blessed to hear this morning, Something Has to Break by Kierra Sheard featuring Tasha Cobbs Leonard. Understand the lyrics: "Something has to break.....God is sending a revival.....Its happening right now, right where you are.....Lift your hands and receive it.....He will send a wave to your house......It's gotta break right now. You've been praying for a long time." Understand that God didn't need a pandemic to show you whom He is. He is GOD all by Himself. It is my belief that man released this pandemic. Now, people are asking where is God. He is right where He has already been. Right Here. All we have to do is open our eyes to see Him. Receive His Word, learn to sit in the silence and HEAR Him. Listen to what He has to say. The difference between the two. Hearing is the physical act of sound falling on the ears, it is natural. Listening is paying attention to and deciphering what the sounds mean. I am asking you to do both. Hear with your ears and listen with your heart. Hear God for is He is always speaking. Listen to what He has to say. You may be amazed at where He takes you on your journey of communication with Him.

I normally sign off - Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed. I will sign off like that again today but today, I want all readers to take this spiritually. Mostly, I want us to bless each other, however, God leads you to do that. Today, give however, I'm asking you to take time (or more time) to Bless God. Exalt His Holy Name above the earth, above the heavens, right to the throne room. Get in a place of worship where nothing and no one but God matters. Give HIM your best for as long as your spirit dictates. Bless Him for who He is - God, Elohim, Yahweh, El Shaddai, I Am That I Am, Adonai, The Rock, My Peace, My Love!!!!

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- - Nakya

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