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Adore HIM

As I sat on the church’s Bible Study conference call Wednesday night, lyrics came to mind as the praises of God’s people went up - “Oh come let us adore Him”. I’ve always been shocked that this song is mostly sung during the Christmas holidays. Our adoration of God should be 24/7/365.

Adore means to love and respect (someone) deeply; worship; venerate (regard with great respect; revere).

Christ is worthy of hearing our adoration all the time. Not only at Christmas or when we’ve come through a storm or better yet, when the Pastor stands before the congregation on a Sunday morning telling you to Praise God. Our adoration should ring out while preparing Tuesday night dinner, driving to work, shopping for groceries, etc.

Adore Him because He is the Great I Am. Adore Him because He is Elohim. Adore Him because He is!

Psalm 33:3 “O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.”

Be A Blessing & Not Just Blessed

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