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Your next is up to you

As I sit and listen to Yolanda Adam’s ‘I’m Gonna Be Ready’, I realized that I heard the lyrics but didn't listen. She says “beyond what I see, you know what’s best for me, prepare my mind, my heart…. strength to pass any test……use me as You will, I’ll pay the price…. this time I’m gonna be ready….and I know it’s in your will for me”. The lyrics are powerful. They are for those that are ready to move on according to God’s word. Ready to accept the new level God has for them. Maybe your next is the loss of pride, moving to another state all by yourself. Maybe your next is deliverance from that thing that has held you bound. Or maybe, just maybe you are being called as one of the five-fold. Maybe this is your season to walk in the unction of the mantle of the gift that has been dormant because you refused to use it. Pay attention to the lyrics here. Now isn’t the time for flight. Now is the time for fight. You’ve done enough flight. Her words (and I’m paraphrasing) said He knows what’s best for me (Jeremiah 29:11), so prepare me, strengthen me to do Thy will (Psalm 119:28). God will not send you to it if He hasn’t prepared you for it. You were born for this mission. It’s up to you to accept it. It’s up to you to believe it and receive it. It is a gift and as with all gifts, you can return it to sender, accept it and hide it in your closet for years, or take it into your house and use it. We all have gifts. The question isn’t whether you have one or not. The question is whether you will use it or not. This your free will choice. So, what do you choose??? Listen closely. Deliverance is a gift. You want to be free of something, then you must be willing to give it up and accept God’s grace in its place. Courage is a gift. Loss of pride or a waging tongue are like deliverance. Gifts are given for the edification of the kingdom not the world. Don’t take these and think to further yourself. This would be the worst mistake you’ll ever make. God will allow the usage then reject you (Matthew 7:21-23). Be careful to use His gifts how He shows you. Only with the correct usage will you progress beyond measure. Some are thirsting after titles as found in the five-fold (Ephesians 4:11). Baby!! Don’t you know these are in more of a servitude position than all the others?? Man has put those with these titles on pedestals but that wasn’t God’s intention. How do I know? Read the verse right behind it. Christ gave some these assignments so that they would equip the body for service so the kingdom would be edified. That means they are there to serve the body not being a doormat but being a servant of Christ, they are to work!!! Don’t cover these titles!! Work with the gift God gave you. I know me that organizes like no other. She is a master at it. This is a gift God gave her. I know another that loves like no other. Her hug can break strongholds. This is a gift, and she uses it to edify the kingdom. Don’t you know God loves you when you use what He gave you?? Your decisions today will affect your next. Choose wisely. Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- Nakya


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