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Unity even when we don't see a thing

Not to long ago, I was listening to Shirley Caesar’s Satan We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down (this may not actually be the name of the song). She called the Congregation (this is symbolized in the we), Pastors to preach, Mothers to pray. Everyone has their job to uphold the kingdom. Whatever your role, it is vital. Whatever God called you to do, whatever your assignment is, do it. It is important. The song shows that it takes the village, the congregation working together to get a job accomplished. There are times when we don’t understand nor see what is happening. Know that when a command comes from the throne room, you will not always understand the direction. Do you think the 3 Hebrew boys knew the king was going to throw them in the fiery furnace when they chose God?

Or is it that you are scared to be thrown in the furnace? Pay attention to the scriptures. God was in the fire. Even when (not if) you go in, God will be there. I am reminded of the story of the man walking in the sand. He looks back over the rough point of his life and see only one set of footprints. God let’s him know that is when He carried him. God is Faithful. When He sends you, He’s already equipped you. You’ll be fortified with His Word, His strengthen, His Love and grace and mercy.

I had the honor of speaking at our Platform service yesterday. I was asking God to make me one of the first speakers and He made me last. I didn’t understand why until the other speakers spoke then He showed me what I needed to see – the storyline. I didn’t see it before. Didn’t know where He was going. And, although He gave me the words, I asked God if I was in the right vein. The last thing I want to do is get in front of His people and give them the wrong word. Have you ever been sitting and waiting on a Word from the Lord and get a stale, outdated message that holds no power? I take it seriously each time I’m asked to step into the pulpit. Why? Some see it as a place of prestige. For me, it’s a humbling experience not a power trip. The weight of knowing that you are responsible for delivering the Word of God to the people of God and the impact it can carry – its humbling, terrifying, and daunting rolled up into the waves of am I really chosen? Then, you hear God’s Word and you are reassured, that yes, you are in the right vein and yes, this is what you are to deliver to His people. Yesterday was the epitome of a team working together delivering the Word in order. I sat and saw the building blocks. I saw the foundation in the Word of Uncomfortable, the first floor in Kept, the second floor of Being Lead, and the next floor of Leading in Excellence. Level on top of level. Higher and higher God ascended with a message to us – stay up here with me. Don’t look around, don’t look down – take my wisdom and lean on Me.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed


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