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The Word is my cauliflower

Many moons ago when I was pregnant with my son I got an inkling for cauliflower. Up to this point, I had never eaten cauliflower before, never desired to and thought it was a nasty food. I had no idea why mu body was craving it during pregnancy. I could not understand or comprehend it. But as time went on and I start eating cauliflower on a regular basis, it became a snack for me. I would eat it with french dressing or by itself raw out the pack. Cauliflower was my go to snack food. It was everything I needed in an instant and everything I want it in a moment. To this day I still eat cauliflower the same way I did when I was pregnant almost 23 years ago. It wasn't until I began to write this blog that I researched why cauliflower is good for us. It contains nutrients like fiber, vitamins C,K, and B6, and its a antioxidant. (Read more on the benefits of cauliflower:

For many of us we don’t understand that the Word is like cauliflower. It is what we need to sustain our bodies when we need it but because we become so stubborn and stuck in our ways that we don’t understand that our body is craving something that it’s lacking. The Word is what we should be grounded in. It is that nutrient for our spirit, our mental stability that could keep us going pressing on and loving life when all hell breaks loose. The Word does this for me every day now. It is a craving that I cannot explain. It is a desire that I will never shut down. It is substance for my spirit. When hell breaks loose it is the Word that keeps me pressing on. The Word keeps me strong and able to endure every wind, all rains. The Word helps me bask in the sunshine of the grace of God. It is the Word, it is the Word, it is the Word.

As you go out and celebrate Easter, understand that it was the Word on the cross. The Word gave His human life for us to have eternal life. There have been and will be movies on for days about the Resurrection. While you are watching, take out your bible and read along with the movie. Read what happened to our Savior, the beating, the mocking, how HE had to endure all of it. He did it for us. Surely, He could have called all the angels of heaven to come and wipe out His enemies. Yet, what would have happened to us if He did? He sacrificed for us. He was, is, and will forever be our cauliflower.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- Nakya


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