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The Harvest: Easter Feast

When God gave me the names of Jehovah for the month of November, He also gave me the blogs for December - the Feasts. He gave them in this order: Of Weeks, Pentecost, Threshing Floor, and Easter. There are times when God moves that I understand and there are other movements that I don't. I didn't understand 2 of these as feasts - Threshing Floor and Easter. But Of Weeks and Pentecost, I had studied.

Easter Feast is also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday and has been labeled as the "Feast of Feasts". It makes sense now that God called for this one to be last. Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus after Him being buried for 3 days after being crucified. The Crucifixion. We forget sometimes that it was His own that did this to Him. They didn't cheer enough for Him. Didn't stand up when given the chance to acknowledge Jesus as the Christ. We look back now ans know the error of what they did. Yet, in the moment, what would we have done. Would we have been beside the Marys as they openly wept? Would we have seen the rightfulness of Peter's denial? These questions will never go answered yet, we have today the same opportunities that the disciples had that fateful day. We have the chance to stand in the midst of this crazy world and openly acknowledge that He is Our Christ, Our Savior. We have the opportunity not to crucify Him again with our words and actions. How?

Each day is a chance not only for our sins to die but a chance for us to live as He has called us to live. Each day is a day to celebrate His resurrection. Today may be the last day of 2021 but unless today is the day that you die, it is not our last chance to love on God. What will you choose? Will you choose to live a life with God or are you going to crucify Him with your denial of Him and who He is to you?

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- Nakya


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