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Patience's Virtue

I watched a movie the other night that showed the crucifixion of Jesus. During Easter, we often discuss the Seven Last Sayings of Jesus Christ. The one in particulate that got to me the other evening was "It is finished" (John 19:30). Here was the Savior, on the cross after having been given vinegar to drink, as He was beaten so that we may have eternal life with the Father.

Here is what I realized sitting and watching the movie. I give up to quickly sometimes. I will hang my tail between my legs and give up on something - a dream, a vision, a hope. But yet here was Jesus, taking on all sin after being beaten, lied on, talked about, scandalized. He took it all. Could He have commanded an army to come and stop the torture? Of course. But He didn't. He took it. Took every word they tossed at Him in hatred. Every look of scorn. Every lash of the whip from a man who He can to save. He even took the betrayal so that the scriptures would be fulfilled. He took it. All of it. Not crying out and commanding the Great Army. Not cursing folk out because they were mistreating Him. Not lashing out at those who hurt Him.

He walked miles carrying His cross. That old rugged cross as the song says that would stand on the hill, propped up by rocks so that the precious lamb of God could complete the task that He was sent to do.

And, then here are we. Crying out, lashing out with hurt feelings because someone talked about us. How often do we get through a day without complaining? How often do we see that the test, the trial, came not to break us but to change those mannish (as my Grandmother Ida Mae would say) ways that we have? Oh, no, not us. We are spoiled and selfish. Too busy to truly realize the sacrifice made on our behalf. We read the words, but do we really get what He sacrificed. He is the lamb.

In the Old Testament, a lamb was killed, murdered so that his blood could be used for sacrifices unto God. But here was a flesh and blood person who was killed for the same thing. Just as with the lamb, the blood was used as a sacrificial offering. So many times, we will say the Blood heals, delivers, sets free. But do we know the cost of that blood? Do we realized how severely He was beaten?

Yet, here we are, lamenting over finances, people, jobs. Here we go again whining because we can't have our way. No wonder there had to be a sacrificial lamb. We could have never made it into heaven being as soft as we are. None of us could have taken that beaten. None of us could have coped with the same people that cheered you on and kissed your feet days before, spitting on you and calling you ugly names as you walked to your death. How do I know this? Quick question. How soon does your mood change after someone you love hurts your heart? You may say that it’s not the same, but I beg to differ. Here as Jesus, born into sin, for us. He loves us enough to be murdered on our behalf. If that ain't love, what is?

The next time you want to yell out in frustration, scream in disappointment, or curse out the guy that cut you off in traffic, remember the ultimate sacrifice made on our behalf. Have patience with those that hurt you. Love those that try to use you. Listen to the screams of those around you. I'm willing to bet that if you take your feelings out of the equation, you'll realized that you are dealing with a hurt person that knows no better than to act foolish than to deal with their hurt and pain.

Hurt people hurt people. Are you one of them? Let's learn to have patience one with another. Understanding that not all hurt was caused by me therefore I won't take it personal when you lash out. Also, sis, here's my shoulder. It's yours to lean on. Brother, here's my ear. It's yours to speak to in confidence (Note: I'm not an attorney so don't go telling me of your criminal activity, lol). And, I promise to speak to you with all the love and wisdom and understanding that the Lord, they God has given me. As I would want these of you, let me be the first partaker and give them unto you.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- - Nakya


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