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Names of Jehovah: Elohim - God is God

If we were to read Genesis 1:1 in the Hebrew bible, we would read, “In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth...” I’ve heard it said that Elohim means God is God. But the meaning goes deeper than that. In Hebrew, “im” makes a word plural. But we must be careful here. Some cultures took that to mean more than one in the physical sense. This makes me wonder if Greek mythology interpreted Elohim to mean that there were different gods thereby, they created a god over the wind, the rain, the heavens, hell, the sea, love, war, etc.?

As Christians, we should understand that the Elohim of Genesis 1 is not a god of many beings but a multifaceted God with many characteristics. Genesis 1:26 says “Let us make….”. Here is where the dual identity of God is revealed to us. Here is where we understand that whether we are calling on Jehovah Jireh, Elohim, Yahweh, Jehovah Nissi, or any of His other names, that we are calling on the same God. That our God is a Triune God: God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit.

How do we simplify this? I’ll take myself in hopes that this makes sense. I am Nakya: daughter, mother, and employee. All these titles still describe the one person – me. Whether you call Him Creator, Majesty, Father, or Elohim, you are calling on only one God. These are all different attributes of the same God. Think about yourself. You may be a wife, mother, father, son, employee, boss, friend, etc. You may be called my many different titles, but you are still you.

As I began to study, my mind began to tick. It was time for me to get on the prayer wall. Time to take this conversation directly to the throne room so I could understand His message. As I began to walk, God had me look down. I was walking over rocks. God made me notice them. I asked, “What is it about the rocks?”. He said foundation, I am the rocks. Do we tread over God like we walk over rocks? Carelessly without thought of who is our foundation??

The issue is not with God. Elohim never stopped. Our acknowledgment of Him as our foundation is the issue. Our acknowledgment that just as He did with the formation of the world, so He did with us. Took the dust and made something. Every truly thought about how a baby grows in the belly. I read encouraging words this morning through the story of a dog and an elephant. It goes that the dog and elephant got pregnant at the same time. 3 months in the dog gives birth and 6 months later was pregnant again and gave birth again. 18 months from the initially dual pregnancy the dog asked the elephant if she was sure that she was pregnant. The elephant’s response was where the motivation came from. The elephant said that she only gives birth once in two years and when her baby hits the ground, the earth feels it. Humans stop in admiration when her baby crosses the road. What she was carrying was mighty and great!!!

When we acknowledge the foundation on which we stand, we must understand that He took the time to create someone powerful. After all, we are made in His own image (Genesis 1:26). The light within us should be so awesome, that people that aren’t even Christians can see it. I was working my part time job yesterday when a gentleman came in to return merchandise that had clearly been worn and smelled of the herbs he had smoked. The coat was unsellable. I questioned the return and asked the on duty manager for approval. During the waiting process, the gentleman decided to show his colors. When he saw that his words were not affecting me as I stood and looked at him, he got louder and belligerent, calling me out of my name and disrespecting me with his words. Pay attention here. This wasn’t about me. This was the spirit in him at war with the spirit in me. This was that spirit trying to attach to mine and dig out of me the old man that had been buried. Now, I will say that I did tell him that he would not disrespect me when his tone and words crossed the line. Once all was said and done, he left a mark of distaste with those witnessing the scene. His true character, hopefully, wasn’t shown. Whom he was created to be, prayfully, wasn’t the person on display yesterday. My job wasn’t to curse him or react in a way that my light dimmed to his darkness. My job was to be silent and let God do what He does – be the foundation. (Sidenote: Family/Friends/Sorors – I’m good.) So, what was my job? That which I completed today while in prayer – pray that his eyes are opened, and his spirit is delivered from that which is confusing him.

One of my newest peeves is this battle between people declaring to be Spiritual vs. Religious. Here are my questions to that. 1. If you are spiritual – what spirit are you following? There are several religions with different spirits. I mean in today’s time, there is a whole study on what type of spirit animal are you. Is that the spirit you are following? Thus, I cannot declare to be spiritual. 2. If you are religious – what religion are you following? The denotation of being religious does not mean Christianity. You could be Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, etc. Thus, I cannot declare to be religious. I am Christian as I have declared to follow Christ (Matthew 16:24, Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23, John 10:27).

Elohim has not changed. He is the same today for me that he was for Joseph in the pit, Zechariah in the temple, Rahab the Canaanite living in the Promised Land, and Moses that fled Egypt and came back to lead them out. Elohim is the foundation of the world. He is the Creator of all things including humankind. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. My job is to understand that He is not like me thus I cannot look at Him the same way I look at myself. While He came in human form, He was, is and forever will be God. Let us not confuse the essence of whom we are called to be with the reality of whom we allowed ourselves to become when we walked off His path and decided to ditch our cross. To understand ourselves, we must first look at our foundation. To understand our path/purpose, we must take time and talk to the Creator and ask for what purpose He created us. My Apostle (Hope L. Daniels of Faith Deliverance Healing Ministries, Inc.) said it this Sunday, “don’t get stuck”. If we only look in the mirror and see what our natural eyes see, then we will miss that which God created. We have a purpose. Our job is 1. Go find what it is and 2. Go work it!!

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- Nakya


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