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I-95 South Turns 25!!!

As I look back over my life, there are days that hold special meaning for me. Today, December 2nd is one of them!!! 25 years ago, I crossed the burning sands with 44 intelligent, beautiful, talented, unique, and wonderful women. Happy Deltaversary Line Sisters!!!

While some may not believe in the world of fraternities and sororities, as is your right, for those of us that do, we understand some bonds can stand the test of time. As with any relationship, those nurtured and loved grow best. My experience with Delta began on the campus of Virginia Union University. THE Sorority began on the campus of Howard University by 22 glorious women on January 13, 1913 that empowered a movement of excellence and developed an organization geared to the public service of all communities with a focus on their own.

To the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Beta Epsilon Chapter’s I-95 South, my prayers today and always for all of us are that we have:

- More love than our hearts can handle

- More happiness than our eyes can see

- More peace than we can imagine

- More compassion than we think we are entitled to

- More joy than our hands can hold

- More endurance than where our feet can carry us

Thank you, ladies, for allowing me to be part of this journey. Here’s to 25 more …… OO-OOP!


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