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31 Day Inspiration - Day 8: Self-care

Self-care has been talked about and preached so much as of late, that I wanted to take the time to add my 2 cents to the pile. Self-care is important. Taking time out of your day to sit and breathe, meditate, and think on nothing is wonderful. Truly, wonderful. Its not selfish and doesn't take away from others.

I've been starting my mornings on my deck (as I'm working from home for a few more weeks). This morning, I just sipped my tea and looked out as the day began to take shape around me. People were out walking their dogs or heading off to work. Me - I sat, listened to the birds chirp and relaxed for a minute before starting my day communing with God. This helps me focus my mind.

It use to be that I would wake up and my brain would scatter with all that I needed to get done - at work, at home, for church. My task list would be 2 pages long before I even took a shower or took my first sip of tea. I've learned to sit and relax as I enjoy the nothingness. I feel bad for my younger self that didn't know how to do this. It is rewarding to regenerate myself, to renew my core and to revive my spirit.

I use to think self-care meant having to get hair and nails done or a trip to the masseuse. While those things are wonderful, I've had more enjoyment in just breathing!!! I don't get me wrong, I love to be pampered. Most people do, but the best pampering I can give to myself is loving myself enough to sit in the quiet and listen.

Challenge - in the next 7 days, take 20 minutes of the 24 hour day and sit quietly. Listen to everything and nothing. Close the door to those that will try and stress you. I love the early morning quiet but you may like the late nights. Whatever works, use it. But, take time out for yourself and see what a difference it makes.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- Nakya


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