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31 Day Inspiration - Day 30: Learn the Lesson during the Delay

I remember being a little girl and sitting in my room. I was looking out the window and watching my friends play. I couldn't go out and it wasn't because I was sick. My teacher had given my parents a warning. She isn't strong with reading. She needs to work on spelling. My mom heard this and went into action. That summer, although I passed the grade, I was in summer school in my room. Back then, this is the early 80s, we had these lessons on tape. You would listen to the tape and do the lesson in your book. So morning after morning, I would sit there and do my listen, sitting by the window and watching my friends and brother, Marc, play and have a good time. The first few, I thought I could rush through them. Little did I know, my mom already had a plan in place for this. She would come and test me on the lesson of the day. If I messed up, I had to repeat the lesson until I got it right. Thereby, my time at the window became longer.

Listen, some of us feel delayed in our next move, the next stage of our journey. But, God is trying to teach us something during the delay. When we get the message, learn His lesson, then we can move on. But if we don't get it, we'll have to repeat it. Why? Because the lesson has fundamentals in it that we need for the next move. If I hadn't learned the basics then I couldn't spell. See those lessons at the window were the basic spelling rules - i before e except after c; two vowels walking, the first does the talking, the second does the walking, change y to i and add es, etc. Basic rules for basic spelling.

What God gives us is basic rules for basic living. Love God above all others and love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:37-39), having faith of a mustard seed (Matthew 17:20), trust God with everything (Proverbs 3:5), and many many others. What I learned to do was find scriptures that nourished my thirst for God. Scriptures that fed my hunger for the Word. Scriptures that saw me through when the fires of hell were raging or my brain was saying something different than the Word or when I just had no idea. Scriptures that showed me an illuminated path in the darkness.

Yes, you may be on delay. But, learn what you must during the delay so that you won't have to continue to stay by the window watching life pass you by.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- Nakya


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