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31 Day Inspiration - Day 17: Being Seen

At the end of my Alumni Chapter meeting (I Love my VUU and Charlotte Alumni chapter), one of the members introduced a term that was new to me - Sawubona (sounds like So-bo-na). It's a Zulu word that means "We See You". The greeting, as was explained, is extended between women to let each other know that they are seen by not only the other women in the tribe but the ancestors also. Powerful. This one word can bring joy and power not only to the one receiving it but the giver as well.

Often times, we will shun learning of other cultures and practices because they don't seem to mesh well with our own. But what if upon seeing another woman you said to her Sawubona and really meant it? What if you saw her scares, would that endear her to you the more? We as a people are riddled with things from our past, good and bad. Often, we see someone that seems to have it all together and think they don't need our prayers. But, how very misguided of us. The strong are strong not necessarily because they want to be but often times because they have to be.

Take time and see those around you. See them for who they really are. Raise them up in prayer and ask God to cover them at all times. Don't look at their outer appearance and think that they don't need your prayers. Ask God to intervene and let you pray for what they really need.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- Nakya


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