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31 Day Inspiration- Day 11:Loving God with my whole heart

Matt 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God”

Sitting in service this morning I kept hearing “a pure heart” during praise and worship. One of my favorite people in the Bible was David. He was a character. Messed up big time. Did things that church folk nowadays would look at you sideways for. Yet, God called him a man after His own heart (Acts 13:22). David’s truth was that he loved God. Hands down, no matter what. Did this give him an excuse to keep sinning? No, but it helped him recognize that when he messed up, His Father was there to forgive him and cover him with His love.

Listen, we all mess up. But I’ve heard it time and time again, what matters is how you get up. God knows we will screw up. He gives us grace for this. Not for our continual and consistent mess but for when we stumble and fall. He’s there saying yes I forgive you and yes you are still mine with the same purpose that I gave you from the beginning of your conception. Messing up doesn’t mean that we have no purpose. It does mean that we are human and should continually strive to seek His face. The only way to do that is to acknowledge our wrong doing and push to not repeat it. This is repentance. Real repentance comes from the heart. It’s not lip service.

Be pure of heart with your love for God at all times. Understanding that I will magnify the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth (Psalm 34:1) doesn’t mean just when the sun is shining and all is perfect in your world. Praise Him harder during the storm. Worship Him longer as the winds howl. Love Him more when the struggle becomes unbearable.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- Nakya


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