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Crazy Faith Needed

In the late 90s there was a television show called The West Wing. Thanks to Netflix I am able to re-watch the show that I love so much. Recently, I realized what actually drew me to the show. It tells the story of the president and his west wing staffers, specifically the interaction between them.

During one particular episode, the president told one of his staffers, Sam, to change the text of an introduction. He sat back and watched, and you could see the pride in his eyes. The directive was given to someone that had the capability to do it. The president sat in the position of a proud dad watching his son step into his own.

It reminded me of Jesus at the wedding. Mary tells Jesus that the wedding party is out of wine. And although He tells her that she is calling Him out before His time (“My hour has not yet come” John 2:2 NIV), she didn’t waiver on knowing what He was capable of. God reminded me that this is how He operates. I sat in awe of God as He opened my eyes of His proud Fathers moments of this people.

He gives us tasks to complete, assignments if you will because He knows that we can get them done. Like the fictional president in the television show, Mary didn’t doubt that Jesus had the ability to get the task done. Jesus and Sam had something in common. They both followed directions.

Often, we sit back and don’t complete our assignments because we don’t think that we’re ready. But what if we took on the persona of Jesus and Sam? What if we didn’t stop and think about what was possible by our hands and just did as we were told? Do you know how much we could get accomplished? Do you know how much our faith would grow? What if in the next few days, you just moved when God said without asking why? Could you? I would like to issue a challenge to all reading this blog. Don’t think about it, just move. Don’t stop and wonder if you can. Know that all things are possible through the Creator. If He sent you a directive, then it isn’t your job to question why or if He really meant you. Maybe just maybe He’s looking for someone with enough crazy faith to believe that a mountain can move. Are you that person?

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- - Nakya

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