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The Pots of God's Rainbow

Driving home last night, I saw a rainbow. I wanted to chase it just to see where it ended. What came back to my memory was the cereal commercial with the fabled leprechaun sitting at the end of the rainbow with several pots of gold. The commercial was attempting to send the message that their cereal was as good as gold. The contrast in my mind took me then to the early days of my walk with God and learning of the spiritual meaning of the rainbow. Rainbows are the signs of God's covenant with his people. Genesis 9 is a perfect illustration of this.

For me, the pots of gold found in the commercial actually became symbols of my relationship with God. See, at the end of the rainbow, I found pots of God's love, compassion, grace, mercy, peace, wisdom, and knowledge. I see now that the marketing strategy of the cereal company may not have been to far off in their illustration. What pot could be better found at the end of a rainbow? God lives in a place (heaven) where the streets are paved with gold (revelation 21:21). Having a pot of gold then really doesn't mean anything where I will walk on the stuff in the place that I want to reside for eternity. I'll take the blessings filling the pots at the end of the rainbow as these are the blessings that I need to live daily. These are the blessings that I thirst after.

A pot of peace from God could erase all anxiety and depression. A pot of love covers a multitude of sin. Pots of grace and mercy are the breath and blood that keeps my body flowing in this life. Pots of wisdom and knowledge open closed doors and windows and then bestows upon me the tolls on how to handle all things as I walk in this life. (I can do anything....!!!)

Another candy company commercial encourages us to taste the rainbow. Well, they must be using the same marketing company as the cereal company. The Word tells us to taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8). Go ahead, taste the RAINBOW!!! Taste the path from the heavens to the pots of God. Taste His rainbow and see how good God is!!!

-- Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed


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