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Something New

Many years ago, I watched a movie entitled Something New starring Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker. The lead character, Lathan, was taken out of her comfort zone when she was set up on a blind date. Not just any ordinary blind date, but a blind date with a white man. OH LORD!!! Here was this pro-black woman out on a date with an easy going white man who didn't care about color. The movie was a good one as it taught about acceptance of love regardless of color.

As I recently pondered this subject, I began to wonder why it is a foreign concept - love regardless of color. Truthfully, is this not what Jesus commanded His people??? Just last week, shocking video was released of the brutal and unnecessary killing of a 25 year old as he was jogging through a neighborhood. His killers giving an explanation of they though he was a burglary suspect was laughable when it was recorded that there had been no home invasions in that neighborhood. Yet, I still have a hard time with people calling themselves Christians and killing others because of skin color.

This is a question that I've taken to God. The answer that I received was mind blowing. They don't love me is what I heard from the heavens. But God, they say that they do. He reminded me that many people would proclaim their love and do things in His name but none of it was for Him (Matthew 7:21-23). My God, what must we do is what I asked and the answer was simple. Pray.

Pray??? This may seem crazy to many of you but prayer is the best answer. Why??? Because prayer is communication with God. It keeps us in sync with His will and His way. If we truly know that His thoughts are higher than ours and so are His ways, then we will understand that the only way to truly understand God is to spend time with Him. Now understand this, I don't mean for you to be on your knees all day, but to truly commune with God we have to establish a relationship. God doesn't want us to be in love with idols, not even those representing Him. What do I mean by that? Let me say it this way. If you go to the church everyday yet you have no love and/or compassion for the homeless man on the street, the single mother in your neighborhood whose kids are running wild all over the place, the elderly, the parents shopping in the grocery store with 2 carts of groceries at the first of the month, the widowed man living on his own, then why are you wasting your time going to the church? The church isn't made as a shelter in place for Christians. It is the spiritual hospital where you go to get healed and fulfilled so you can go out and do the works of God. Think about it, did Jesus stay in a church and preach to the people? No, He went out among them and taught them so that they could hear His message of salvation.

Prayer is simple and not all these big words and sewn together catchy phrases that people have been using for years. It is as simple as talking to your next door neighbor. Open your mouth and be truthful with God. Tell Him what is on your heart then sit and wait for His response. OH YES!!! He gets to respond because communication is a two way street. You get to talk while He listens then He gets to talk while you listen. YEP!!! That's how that works. We don't get to just go and unload on Him without hearing His response. If you have never done this, then try it. Get in a quiet place and say what you have to say to God then sit in silence and wait for His response. Sometimes its a whisper to your heart. Other times its a vision. Still other times you may hear a song that answers the questions. Yet others may be directed to a scripture. Don't box in God's method of responding to you. Be open to how He wants to respond. If you don't think its God speaking, test it against scripture.

I've heard it from the heavens and it was confirmed during a recent sermon, this season is something new. We must adapt. As the lead character in the movie had to open herself up to the possibility of what was to come, so must we. For her, it was true love. What will it be for us? A new way of living, talking, and thinking. Be open to the something new in your life. It will forever change you but only if you accept and embrace it.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- - Nakya

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