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Move over.....

I received a text this morning of a young boy kneeling in prayer. Two things to point out here. First, a small child realizes the importance of prayer during a time like this. Second, this little one had lined up his stuffed animals to kneel and pray behind him. I would love to share this photo, but it doesn't belong to me so I don't want to infringe on the owner's publication rights.

Oh people of God, know this, if you are not in your rightful places then God will summon pure warriors to take your place. This child was in the most important position - one of submission and humility unto the Father. Behind him were 11 stuffed animals all turned over on their face, all with the authority of a child's innocence that it was prayer time.

Hear the word - authority. See, we have the authority in our home. If its's acting up, tell it to behave. Note that I didn't say tell him or her behave. Realize that what you are dealing with, struggling against, fighting over, is not of this world. Recognize the spirit for what it is. If you have a control issue, say it. If you are battling depression, say it. It loses power over you when you can call it out. You may think its your children acting crazy, but its more than likely the spirit on the inside kicking up. Oh and parents before you go blaming the child, examine yourself. Did you pass on a generational curse to your child? Is that mess they are trying to deal with, that which you passed down or maybe that which was passed down to you? For years, I suffered with low self-esteem. But, I decided that my son wasn't going down that road because of the hell that I know I faced. Now, don't misunderstand, he has his own battles to face. But when I see something rare up in him that I know is something that I've dealt with, then I don't deal with his issue but the issue. There is a BIG difference. Don't blame the baby for your mess or your grandma's mess or your great great great granddaddy's mess.

Generational blessings is what we want to pass on. What we want our kids to teach their kids and their kids. The child in the photo had to have seen someone pray. This is the best way to teach - lead by example. Let's not ask the next generation to do what we are not.

Know this, if you don't line up with God, He will move over you and onto the willing vessel in your home - even if its a child.

Be A Blessing and not Just Blessed

- - Nakya

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