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Social Distancing NOT Heart Distancing

I was recently watching a video as I was about to start my day. The video was of a group of sorority sisters whom banned together to sing a gospel song of encouragement for their Soror. How beautiful it was to see them swaying and clapping to the beat, singing as loud as they could while practicing the mandate of social distancing.

Social distancing does not mean we have to distance our hearts one from another. This group of women decided that it was their responsibility to uplift one that they loved. This message, in my view, was meant to let the receiver know that she was not alone.

Do you know that you are not alone? The commercials from the celebrities actually uplift me when I see them. They are encouraging for the most part. We are all struggling. Your financial level has nothing to do with if you will or will not contract the virus (although some with less financial means are having a hard time with medical resources). Don't think that you have been abandoned or forgotten. God still cares. His love is still there. His love still wants to reach out and engulf you.

This time of quarantine is the perfect time to spend more time with God. Yes, read your Bibles, but more than that, have open communication with God. He's waiting on you to say what's on your heart. He knows but He wants us to be honest with Him. Does it matter that you are angry, hurt, sad, depressed, crying, laughing, joyful, and on and on and on. No. Tell God the truth. Many moons ago, I was angry at God. I told Him. He didn't banish me nor kill me. Here's what He did. He sent His word to me to let me know that He loved me. WOW!!! What A God I Serve!!! My truthfulness in my anger opened a door where the root of the issue was discovered. Before all was said and done, God had healed my heart. The hole that was filled with anger had been dumped out and His love filled it.

Know this, this can take time. For some of us (and depending on our relationship with God), it may take several "sessions" for the rage, anger, sadness, depression, etc to be removed. This is not about God but our willingness to let go of a past, a secret, a hurt. How many are ready to be Naked before God and allow Him to heal that deep dark secret place in our heart? That place where we decided "I won't cry anymore". That place where we've stored the hurt that caused us to say "I will never let another person hurt me". This is the place God wants to get to. This is the secret chamber of your heart where God wants to reside. Let HIM in. I remember going to the doctor and hearing her say "we can't help if you don't tell us what the issue is". Go to the Supreme Doctor - God - and tell Him what the issue is. Distance yourself from your issues not from your God.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- - Nakya

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