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How Sweet It Is.....

I had the pleasure of getting a facial today as a birthday gift to myself. I turned 44 yesterday and decided 3 weeks ago to treat myself.

The most pleasurable part of the entire experience was talking to another Woman of God. During the course of my facial, I laid there and exalted God with her. Speaking on His goodness, His Faithfulness and how much He loves us. Lord, how sweet it is to be loved by You.

We sometimes miss the little things that God does. Thereby missing the chance to give Him praise. The other day I was at work, on my birthday, and the team that I support celebrated it and me in a GREAT way. Flowers, candy, gifts, cake, breakfast, lunch, words of thanks and praise. I was spoiled all day. This wasn't because of me. It was God whom touched their hearts and opened them to put a smile on my face. The small things make a difference. If you haven't done so today, take a moment and tell someone else something great that they've done to inspire you.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- - Nakya

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