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Stop waiting on God to work in the pudding; He's waiting on you to believe in LoDebar

The other morning, I was reading II Samuel 9 where King David looks for anyone alive from Saul’s house. He goes on to restore the house of Saul through his grandson Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan whom was lame in both feet. This man was in another country LoDebar. LoDebar has been described as a low place, a place of nothing. David takes Mephibosheth and gives unto him all the things that once belonged to his grandfather Saul because of his father, Jonathan.

I truly hope you are following here because here is where it gets really interesting. Here is what I absolutely loved about this chapter. This man, this lame man says to David that he isn’t worthy. No doubt his vision on his worth is connected to his existing condition of 2 lame feet. He even calls himself a stray dog. David didn’t even acknowledge the statement!!! He calls Ziba, an old servant of Saul, and commands him and his sons and servants to farm the land for Jonathan’s son.

Are you celebrating yet??? Listen. You may be in your worst place where you don’t think it will turn around but God doesn’t work on what we think. He works on His ways, His thoughts so says Isaiah 55:8. We see with our eyes. God doesn’t. We see what we aren’t physically capable of, God sees the purpose He created in us. He restores not for us but to show those around whom He is. (Col. 1:16)

LoDebar, the low place. Wait. Wait. Wait on the Lord. Because He’ll turn your low place, your place of nothingness into your springboard. Many of us won’t believe it until we see it. You know that whole the proof is in the pudding concept. But God is saying that He’s looking for those that trust and believe without the pudding, without seeing Him with their own eyes (John 20:29). To those in LoDebar, I pray that you have the faith of a mustard seed. If so …… Get Ready. Your season is around the corner. Get on your tip toes and be ready to take off!!!

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