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The Way....

Matthew 6:33 "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

I'm sitting at my desk today, listening to old music (from the 80s, 90s, early 2000s) and hear this song by Jill Scott - The Way. I use to love these lyrics. It's a song of love and admiration. The woman tells of her love for her man. She begins with how she wakes up with a smile and is eager for the day. She goes to work, happy, and then can't wait until the end of the work day because she wants to get home to her man. Yes, it's love. Its that heart thumping, soul stirring love.

What if this song was dedicated to God? What if we sang to Him the way she is singing to her man? What if we would put other people and things on the back burner so that we could connect with Him? Her repeating verse asks - Is it the way you love me baby? Well, is it? Do you jump out of bed on Sunday or any day anticipating spending the day in His presence?

Can we really sing love songs to each other without first acknowledging the love of the Father?

Think on this for a minute. What would happen if we actually spent the day, our time, our energy on loving God this way? Smiling upon waking up. Bounce in our step as we go about our day. Denying the go-go with our friends to spend time with Him - to commune with Him. Do we know truly how much stress and pressure would be removed from our day by just basking in His presence?

I laugh at some people I know because they stress over everything. Don't get me wrong. I stress too but to stress over why people say what they do or do what they do, I can't. Live is worth living. In the rest of God there is peace for the struggle, for the brokenhearted, and the lost. Why worry when my Father has the answers? All I have to do is be Mary and sit at His feet. Yes, Martha there is work to be done, but I would rather spend time with God. The Word says that there is a time for everything. Where is the time to learn from an Answer Bearer whom is also the Answer Maker?

-- Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed


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