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Be Careful What You Pray For.....the Journey

I was so very blessed recently when a friend invited me to her birthday celebration in the mountains of Virginia. So off I went to Wintergreen Resort. While I absolutely hate to drive in the mountains, the four-hour journey was well worth it.

I was good with the drive up to the last 45 minutes. That's when I hit what I call the roller coaster ride. You know the up and down road that looks more like hills. I said (out loud mine you), "God, I don't mind the winding road as much as the roller coaster. Please make it stop." Well, you know what, He did. And, He let my words become my reality. Little did I know that I was better off with the roller coaster. The next set of roads had me praying like never before on a road trip. I don't think I've ever called on Jesus as much in one sentence while driving a car. At one point, I had to turn a very steep corner and if anyone had been in the passenger's seat, they could have rolled down the window and with little effort, touched the mountain.

When I finally made it back to smooth sailing land, not only did I bless God, but I took the time to observe my surroundings. The majesty of what God has created wowed my eyes and overjoyed my heart. Popping ears didn't stop the smile that crept on my face as the Father's love for us poured out in front of my face.

Here's the thing. I'd been asking God for a break from my day to day for weeks. I needed to go somewhere and relax away from the everyday hustle of life. I needed a release. I got that and so much more. When the invitation came, I knew I would have to drive up a mountain. I thought I was mentally prepared for it. I had put on my superwoman cape and was ready to deal with the road ahead. Yet, I didn't realize the degree of the struggle before me. I'm that person that slows to a crawl on these roads. The one praying all the way up the mountain and holding up traffic in the process. Trust me, if I was able to pull over and let them go ahead of me, I would have. I'm also the person that recognized the beauty of the journey. For the journey itself was different and trying, yet the result was majestic.

Not all journeys will be easy. Many will test you. Will you break? Will you keep going? Whom will you trust to get you through? I could have easily called my mom, one of my brothers, or a girlfriend to talk me up the mountain. Yet, I called on Jesus and I made it. Whatever you are facing. Whatever you don't think you can make it through, call on the name of Jesus. Child, plead the blood. He will never steer you wrong.

I've heard the story of the tortoise and the hare so much in my life that I now understand that it is the child's version of the scripture Ecclesiastes 9:11 "....the race is not to the swift". I wasn't worried about my timing. I was concerned with just making it up the hill. Whatever your battle, don't rush the race. Take your time and make sure you learn what you should, so you won't have to repeat it. Learn the right way the first time. Listen to the voice from heaven that tells you how to go about this journey. Listen and He will speak. Then do just what He says.

The picture above?? It's the view from the top of the hill. It’s His majesty. The peace and calm there were unimaginable. This is where I was going but I had to climb the hill to get there. Where will your journey take you? If it's a God ordained journey, get ready for a peace that passes all understanding (Philippians 4:7) at the end.

Be A Blessing and NOT Just Blessed

- - Nakya

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