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Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Often times during the Christmas holidays, you will see advertisements stating that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. The season of good tidings, good will toward men. The season where we are to treat others with a special kindness. Where we are to help each other. With thoughts like this, it's no wonder why good ole Saint Nick has become so popular and why Christmas is now so commercialized. We are teaching our children and enforcing today's fleshly view that if we treat each other well during a specific period of time, we will be rewarded for that behavior.

While Jesus is most assuredly the reason for the season, let us not forget that HE is the reason for every season!!! Goodwill toward men, treating each other with a special kindness, loving our neighbors more than we love ourselves are not seasonal thoughts and/or actions. As Christians, these actions should be part of our every breath. At no time, should we think that treating our neighbor should only be done during a special time of year. Treating others well is not something you do only once a year to be rewarded with a bauble or treat.

Jesus is the Reason for not just A Season - but for EVERY Season!!

Be A Blessing and not Just Blessed!

-- Nakya

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