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Salvation Guarded

A song came to my mind a few hours ago when I was relaying a situation to a friend "I Know I've Been Changed" by LaShaun Pace. A co-worker and I sat in a meeting with her bosses. I had to sit and listen as she falsely accused me of being mean to her treating her badly for the past 30 days. During the course of the conversation, voices were raised. The accusation completely blindsided me. It was with someone whom was laughing and joking with me the day before. Someone that I had conversations with in regards to our families. Someone that constantly thanked me for having her back. Baffled wasn't the beginning of the emotions going through me. Hurt was the core emotion in that I've gone out of my way to be respectful of this person, trying to ensure that I didn't hurt her tender emotions. So, to be accused of being mean to her had me seeing red.

But, GOD. My salvation quickly reminded me of the God that I serve. The preserving God. The loving God. The One that told me that I would be accused of something that I had not done for His sake. The One that reminded me that He had been beaten, whipped, bruised for me. The One that said pick up your cross and come follow me. I can't follow God and not expected to be falsely accused.

At the end of the day, although my feelings were hurt, my heart had been healed of the foolishness. I was able to release my hurt and see that this was merely an attack to see if I would break and resort back to the pre-saved me from 13 years ago. So, today, I rejoice in knowing that I've been changed. Later, I laughed at the craziness of it all and realized that the change inside wasn't temporary. 13 years ago, I would have cursed, flipped over a table, and cut her. YES that was where I was before the transformation.

Where are you now? Do you recognize that you've been changed? More importantly, do you walk in it and celebrate the small victories or are you still simmering over the small skirmishes?

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- - Nakya

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