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THE Balm

Sitting in my office, I recognized that I was in a funk. I couldn't begin to tell you why but I knew it was there. So, I decided to use a tactic that I had used before. I turned on Gospel music and let THE Balm heal my soul.

Some would disagree with the usage of the word "Tactic". But, check out the definition. Tactic - an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end; the art of disposing armed forces in order of battle and of organizing operations, especially during contact with an enemy.

My tactic was to deploy angels - praise angels to battle the enemy where he was attacking me. My carefully laid plan that had been successful in the past was to allow the healing power of Jesus to destroy any yokes that were trying to form. See, here's the thing about spiritual warfare. I don't have to battle alone. My legion of angels - battle for me. Before leaving my house this morning, I dispatched my angels to go before me on the highways to ensure that I had a successful journey to work. Hope you caught that. See, I dispatched them to cover the highway, but I didn't dispatch them to my office and job site. It was when I got to work that I realized that the enemy was sitting and waiting for me because I hadn't used my words properly.

The enemy is on his job. He is still looking to kill, steal, and destroy. It doesn't matter if its your mind, finances, joy, family, love, friends, peace, children, commitment to Kingdom, car, physical ability, house, etc. He wants you because you are Kingdom. Be ye ready!!! Warfare is here, it is now!!! Plan your tactic for when the enemy strikes because he will strike!!

Be A Blessing and no Just Blessed

- - Nakya

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