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Imperfect Perfection

I was in the grocery store this morning grabbing breakfast for the team when it dawned on me to grab fruit. I had this overwhelming need to make a fruit salad. As I stood and looked over the fruit, I remembered to grab the unblemished ones. You know the ones that aren't bruised. I grabbed this nectarine because it looked good on top. I didn't fully look it over as I moved on and grabbed an orange.

As I was walking around with this fruit in my arms because the basket looked dirty, it occurred to me to grab plastic bags and put the fruit in them. I placed the fruit in my arms on one of the display trays and began to place them one by one in their individual bags (for weighing purposes). As I picked up the nectarine, I noticed that it was bruised on the bottom, the portion I didn't check. My first thought was to get a new one. But, I heard God say, why, I didn't throw you back.

In the middle of the fruit section, my heart sang. I thank God daily for not throwing me back with my imperfections. It occurred to me in that moment of praise - how many times have I thrown people away? Discarded them because they didn't fit my mode of what was to be? Moved on when I should have loved them unconditionally. My moment of praise became a time of repentance. God hasn't given up on me even with all my mess.

Daily, I find myself talking to people about love, forgiveness, goodness. I try to be His light. I try to walk in His will. I fall and stumble. I cry and laugh. I rejoice and moan. But, I always remember that His way, His will is perfect for me.

Before you discard the next person, before you say they aren't this or that. Before you walk pass the homeless person on the street and think they are just dirty. Think!!! Did God discard you? Or did HE redeem you and embrace you as you are? I think the latter. If He didn't discard you and you are His, then..................

So, what happened to the nectarine? It's in my bag with the rest of the fruit to be part of today's fruit salad lunch.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed!

- Nakya

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