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Be YOU!!!

I was sitting just a few minutes ago realizing that people often pretend to be someone they are not. While, I've understood this for years, it didn't dawn on me until a few days ago that people in their late 30s and 40s are still playing at being grown. It has never occurred to me at this stage in my life to not be who I genuinely am. I like people. I like helping people. I like helping people when they are hurt, sad, or in a place where all they see is fog. Some will say that this is my downfall as I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. Maybe. But, here is what I know - I like the person that I am. I like this heart of mine that cares for the people of God even if it means my heart may be broken a time or two.

This blog will be short because it is simple - Be You. I have this quote by Snoopy on my wall - "Be yourself. No one can say you're doing it wrong." I absolutely love this quote. I am me. I do me. I walk in my truth and when that truth is tainted, God shows me. I love that part of our relationship. Why? Because it never fails me. I've had this strange feeling all last night and all this morning. I thought I had done something wrong. However, God showed me that I had done the right thing. There was a situation where I had to stand up for myself. Being who I am, I wanted to ensure that I wasn't taken advantage of, but I didn't want to hurt anyone else in the process. There is no need for anyone to get hurt as I do me. What God showed me was that I would have been emotionally hurt if I had allowed a situation to continue. THANK GOD I handled the situation the way He told me. Neither I nor the other person were hurt in the process.

This thing called adult hood has showed me alot in the last 5 years. But mostly, I've learned to love me, do me, be me, and walk in the wonderfulness of who I am without being ashamed.

- - Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed


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