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Instant Love

I recently saw this movie - Instant Family - where this couple decided to adopt a child. They ended up adopting 2 sisters and a brother. There is a scene where they are discussing returning the kids. They fantasize of what their lives would be like if the kids were to go back to their previous foster home. At the end, they easily come to the joint conclusion that they couldn't do it - send the kids back. I laughed my butt off throughout this movie, many parents will too. Parenthood its easy. In this movie, this couple had a crash course and had to make a quick adjustment. Like them, when times get rough, I thought, "what have I gotten myself into" and "Where's the book??" You know the parenting book that we all wish we had but no one has a book that covers all kids and responses to every situation that parents could face. Babies and/or kids don't come with manuals. But, nothing worth having is ever easy. This includes the title of parent. Raising children is a thankless job where you often feel that you are public enemy #1.

This makes me wonder if God, the Father feels the same way? Does He feel that His children aren't thankful? That we don't take the time to acknowledge what He's done for us? That we walk around daily thinking we know everything and don't need His advice? Wow!!! Then, I think back to the very next scene in this movie - where the parents realize they can't send the kids back. An attachment has been formed between parents and kids. A love bond. This makes me thankful. If human parents can love like this, just imagine how much more the Father can love.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- - Nakya

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