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Prelude to a Storm

It is early Thursday morning as I sit and listen to the storm brewing outside my window. When I say early, I mean it’s minutes past midnight. It is a full out storm now as I hear the winds and rain. The thunder is rolling and the lightning is flashing. Moments before this all out storm hit, I thought the lights flashing through my window was somebody beeping their car. But as I laid there and waited for sleep to overtake me, I realized that what I saw was the beginning of the storm. The lightning was the warning that the storm was coming. It got me to thinking if life is like this. Are there warning signs before the full storm hits? I began to think back on the current storms in my life and those from years past. When I am truthful with myself, I realize there was a warning before every storm. The problem wasn't the preparation for the storms but the lack of heeding the warning signs. How many times in life do we face the same storms, same battles, same issues? If we would just pay attention to the signs, could we weather the storm better?

I've heard it said over and over again not to live in the shoulda woulda coulda of life -- live in the moment and make the best of it. While I agree with this, I also know that an examination of our past can help us avoid the traps of tomorrow. This is what the study of history is all about. I can look back, see where I messed up, not dwell in it but learn from it and move on.

But, what if - just what if - I saw the lighting before the storm hit? What if I paid attention to the signs so I could prepare my mind for it? But, wait - I can. Shouldn't I be doing this daily as a Christian? Shouldn't I be in my Word, studying and applying it to my life? Shouldn't the Word - if rightly applied - be the tower of strength that I lean on daily? So, my problem isn't that there isn't a prelude. The problem is that I wasn't doing my due diligence.

I write this not to put myself on blast but to share so that you will be ready for the next storm in your life. Pay attention, study, and put your armor on.

Be a Blessing and not just Blessed!!!


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