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But God.....

I was kindly reminded this morning to remember the reason I changed my life around. I use to think it was because I wanted my son to grow up and know God. I used that as my excuse for years. "I want Taron to grow up in church. I don't want him to miss the lessons that I learned in later life." is what I would say over and over again. Truth be told, this was a lie. Even as a young girl, there was a call within me that I didn't understand. I always felt different. Never knew why I felt so awkward. Never understood why I seemed strange.

Then I became saved. My understanding is becoming clearer with each passing day, month, year. I wasn't meant to fit in. I wasn't meant to be like others. I'm a piece to a puzzle - God's puzzle. A unique piece that bends to His will according to His purpose and the call He has placed on my life.

Remembering why I choose to change my life helps me reflect on my life, if that makes any sense to you. Let me put it this way. When I look back and see the craziness of life, the good, the bad, and oh so ugly, I see the footprints in the sand. I understand the poem. I see where He carried me. I see where the storms got so rough, I felt that I was being washed out. That's when I see the 1 set of footprints. That's when I know that I made it to today because of 2 words - "But God".

But God - had a call on my life. But God - ordained me. But God - anointed me. But God - designed me. But God - ordered my steps. But God - But God - But God. There is a But God in all of our lives. There is a But God in those storms that rage but don't take us under. There is a But God in every breath.

However, you won't find your But God until you change your mindset. If you would focus on the fact that you made it through the storm and not on the fact that there was a storm. If you would focus on the fact that you are still standing even though your finances are low. If you would focus on the fact that you are still breathing although your loved one has moved on to their eternal life. If you would focus on the fact God is God instead of your own limitations. If you would tell your storms, your situations, your anger, your pain, your anxiety that your God is bigger. He is the One that spoke and there was light. He is the one that spoke and the earth was formed. He is THE Creator of all. He is THE Father. The only Father. The One that is, was, and forever will be. He is Elohim!!!!

Your storm can't kill you unless you give into the pressure. Did you get that? Your storm has no power unless you give it power. I know a woman that according to the doctors, she should be dead. Should have been dead years ago. But she is still standing. Still praising. Still loving God and giving Him the glory. Sure, she has bad days, but if you listen to her, you will hear the Father's love speak through her.

Where is your But God?

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- - Love Nakya

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