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The After Party

Sunday's service was FIRE!!! The Spirit of the Living God showed up and showed out. But, here's the thing. After the sermon, after the deliverance, God didn't stop. The vessel of the Lord, said you are all dismissed. Some left. Others stayed. For those that stayed, they enjoyed the benefits of the after party.

In college, I would go to parties and see the advertisements for the after party. There were always flyers circulating advertising the best place to be once the original party closed. There would always be a debate among my group of which after party we should go to. Some nights, we would attend 2-3 different places.

Yet, once I got saved, the best party became the Holy Ghost party. Free of sin, full of forgiveness and love. Free of guilt the morning after, full of deliverance. I've been to many services where the Holy Ghost showed up. Yet, I've attended few after parties. Sunday, once the Woman of God dismissed the service, there were a few that stayed behind - with a desire to stay in the presence of God. This was the after party. Fire-filled. Deliverance abound. Territory increasing. The After Party of the Lord. This was for those that wanted more. For those that weren't willing to leave the presence of God because they were soaked in the love that He was pouring out. This party was for those that weren't looking for anything but to sit at the Lord's feet.

I was just talking to my friend about this same thing. I said to her - "not all can attend the after party". Not that God doesn't want all of His people there, but some aren't willing to go the extra mile just to sit at His feet. Luke 10:39 (ESV) "And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord's feet and listened to his teaching."

Where were you when the after party was happening? No, you couldn't be in Charlotte with me yesterday, but I'm sure God has invited you to His after party once before. Did you attend? Were you willing to sit at His feet just to bask in His light? Were you willing to be part of the few even if your family and friends didn't attend? Sometimes, we have to go where those that we love won't go. Are you willing to attend all by yourself? All you willing to be alone for a moment so you won't be lonely for eternity?

Matthew 22:14 (KJV) "14 For many are called, but few are chosen." Are you called or chosen?

Be A Blessing and not Just Blessed

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