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My Strength

I was working my part time gig the other day in the retail industry. I was assigned to the floor to assist customers with their needs. I had the pleasure of helping an older couple. They continually thanked me for not only assisting them but for being pleasant while doing so. It never dawned on me to be any other way. I applied for that job. I reap the benefits. Even if I'm tired, overworked, and underpaid, why would they have to deal with it? My circumstance, my situation, my storm has nothing to do with others. Sunday, I attended Elevation Church (University), where Pastor Steven Furtick spoke on this same topic. God, it's so good to know that I'm in the right vein. I woke Sunday morning with this overwhelming need to go to Elevation. It’s not my home church. Years ago, I would have felt guilty for being anywhere else on a Sunday morning. But, not today. Today, I knew I would get what I needed. So, with the giddiness of a girl going on her first date, I prepared myself for the Word that God had ordained for me. The joy of the Lord is my strength (Nehemiah 8:10). My joy is dependent on me. My joy is my armor in battle, my rainbow in the storm, the spring in my step when life gets heavy. My strength doesn't depend on anyone or anything else. My joy comes from inside. It's so deeply bedded in me that it reigns even when I think all hell is breaking loose in my life. Somewhere along the way, there is a still small voice that reminds me that there is a covenant relationship between me and Thee. When this happens, it feels like a mighty wind rushes through me. I feel a strength from deep down within me that seemed to be waiting for that moment to appear. Joy isn't based on my feelings, my emotions. It's been built inside of me to retain me during the storms. Be A Blessing & Not Just Blessed

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