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Sanctuary part I (The Building)

Psalm 100:4 (NIV) "Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name." I was listening the other morning on my way to work using my spiritual ears and I heard the word sanctuary. My mind took me back to a time when I first started going to church. I realized that the sanctuary was supposed to be a sacred place. It was supposed to be a place of Solitude. A place of Deliverance. A place where followers of Christ come together to, worship together, love together, to be free together and gather up strength to fight the good fight. Our sanctuaries are built out of brick, cement, clay, plastic, and metal. These tangible items that are meant or that are used in construction. These tangible items that can be destroyed. They wear down over time and have to be replaced. But the anointing of God can dwell in these items so much so that your physical present doesn't even have to be in the building. I've gone into a sanctuary where as soon as you entered, you felt something. It was as if the walls, floors, windows, and chairs were soaked in the anointing of God. Unfortunately, not every sanctuary is like that. Many are not the haven that they're supposed to be. But wouldn't it be awesome that every time you entered into a sanctuary across the world that you would feel God's anointing so strong and so powerful that you would be delivered from everything that has you bound. That just your mere presence in the building would allow you the opportunity to be set free. Let's reset our minds when we enter God's house. Let us be focused on Him instead of our problems.

Be A Blessing and not Just Blessed!!

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