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Burying Talents

I watched a local Pastor this morning. Part of his sermon dealt with tithes. Most Christians understand that we are to give a tenth of our earnings back to God. Initially, Christians tithed with their agricultural goods – food, wool, animals, grain. Their tithe thus included their talent to produce something with their hands. Where are we today? Are we including our talents with our tithes? Maybe you can sing, maybe you are an organizer, maybe you have secretarial skills, or are a natural born cleaner. All of these talents (skills) are needed in the kingdom. Yes, churches need your monetary provisions. But, God didn't give you talents to stick them in the ground. Your talents have been given to you to multiple the kingdom of heaven.

In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus taught this very message in a parable. Know that it takes more than the Pastor to grow God's church. He wants us to use the gift (talent) He provided. If you've been burying your talent in the ground, unbury it. Dust it off. Multiply it and then present it to Our Father for His usage.

Be a Blessing and not just Blessed!!

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