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I feel like celebrating. I feel like this is a season of celebration. For those that know me they probably figure that's a crazy statement.

Let me explain why. August 21st, I walked into the office and I saw HR sitting there with my supervisor in the conference room. I was asked to come into the conference room and was terminated. Why? Simplest answer is that I decided that it was okay to be friends with a security team after hours. Not in a sexual manner but in a friendship manor. The security team in question were two heterosexual females and I’m a heterosexual female. So, my boss determined as per her conversation that Thursday that me being a friend to this security team and talking to them as I exited the building I was disturbing them and interrupting them from doing their job thereby it was labeled a misconduct issue. For me it has nothing to do with my conduct. In a previous conversation, the same supervisor asked me why I wasn't as friendly with those in the office as with the security team.

But, I recognize this for what it is - a distraction. You see, if the enemy can get us off our game where we are paying attention to the wrong thing, then he’s done his job by making us lose focus. So when should our focus be? Certainly not on the storm but on the destination. Don’t get lost in the storm. Remember to keep your eyes on the prize. Focus on the journey ahead. When our focus is in the right place, then our celebrations can begin.

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