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Come let us reason together...

I went on a job interview the other day and I was interviewed by these two gentlemen. Both of their names start with M. One is from England and the other is from Germany. The guy from England would be my supervisor and the guy from Germany is in charge of the entire project. I thought to myself later, how awesome it could be if we as a nation really saw diversity as a good thing.

The word of God says come let us reason together (Isaiah 1:18). That doesn't mean that only people of one ethnicity should come reason together. It means come let all people reason together. I've been listening to these debates over Nike and the Colin Kapernick ad. I think they're crazy. The freedom of speech is just that, freedom. I may not like what you have to say be it racist rhetoric or just in my standpoint ludacris. But, it doesn't mean I have the right to shut down your viewpoint. Neither party has the right to treat the other as less than human. This was the origin of Kapernick's stand. All people are created equal or so our constitution states. (Note: This in no way condones the battering or abuse of people to establish your viewpoint. Abuse or battering of any kind should be subjected to the rules of the land.)

I watched the funeral of Senator McCain. The one theme I kept hearing over and over was that he could disagree with someone then laugh with them after. I mean here was a republican that asked 2 men that opposed him (former presidents Bush and Obama) to deliver eulogies. They each spoke eloquently about their debates with Senator McCain and their respect for the man. Why can't more Senators, Presidents, elected officials, citizens of this already great country have this spirit? A spirit of reasoning even when we don't agree. A spirit that leads you to invite the one whose opinions differ from yours to sit down and talk it over. I once heard a former co-worker describe her world as her "bubble". She liked doing things inside her bubble, inside her world. But, how can we learn if we only see our point of view? If we only see inside our bubble? How wonderful would this world be if we actually took the time and embraced what was different in our cultures and societies and histories and heritages and skin tones instead of pointing out the differences? Mocking each other for those differences, trying to illuminate those differences instead of trying to understand them. Come let us reason together. Come let us sit down and break bread together. Come let us sit down and talk. Come let us communicate from our hearts without insulting another. Come let us understand and appreciate each and every individual for whom they are and what they bring to the table. Come let us reason together.

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