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God willing

As I revealed in my last post, I like historical dramas. The more of history I can watch/read, the more I love it. Currently, I’m watching this Turkish drama – Diriliş (Resurrection): Ertuğrul. This show is about the father of the man, Osman I, whom would later go on to be to founder of the Ottoman Empire, what is considered to be present day Turkey. (Short history lesson. J.) The people in this drama are nomadic people. They travel from place to place trying to find a permanent place for their people to live and are encountered by a countless series of issues along their journey.

One of my favorite lines in this drama is “God willing”. Things happen – kids get hit by an arrow, tents get burned down, prayers for a brighter tomorrow, financial woes, despair, etc. Everything basically that we could face today, they face in this drama. And, every time, they turn to their faith. They draw strength from their faith and trust that God will handle all of their woes.

I think this is what draws me to this drama the most, their unwavering faith. While I understand that this drama is based on the Muslim faith and their praise is to Allah, the more important thing for me, is the steadfastness of the people. In a day and time, where people treat God, church, and the covenant relationship as a regular human relationship, this drama highlights how we should rely on God for everything. Note: I mean God the Father and not Allah. Finances aren’t where you need them to be, God willing it will get better. Spouses not acting right, God willing the relationship will be restored. Kids off the chain, God willing they will see His light and be restored. Arguments with parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, whomever – God willing you can…”Come let us reason together” (Isaiah 1:18). Everything is based on God’s will.

This morning, as I drove into work, Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s song, “Fill Me Up/Overflow” began to play. This song is telling God that I/me/we need more of Him, more of His power, spirit, glory. Part of the song says “You supply the fire, I’ll provide the sacrifice; You provide the spirit, And I will open up inside”. None of this can be done if we don’t allow God to have His way. None of this can be done if we aren’t open to being bended, broken, mended, molded by God for His glory. None of this will feel good. Most of it will make you cry and cry out to Him. That is a good thing. Calling the Father to get direction will result in a strength being built up inside you that allows you to continue on your journey.

In Bible Study last night, we continued our series – Fight While You Build. We studied II Corinthians 4. One of the scriptures that jumped out at me – 4:9 “We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God, We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed” (NLT). I hope you found your praise break there. I am hunted because I am God’s child. I am His. Because he was hunted, I am hunted. Because He was beaten, I am beaten. Because they talked about Him, they talk about me. Because they didn’t understand Him or His purpose, they don’t understand me- that’s why I am a peculiar people (Deuteronomy 14:2). I’m supposed to be tried because that is the only way I can be refined. The chapter goes on to 4:13: “But we continue to preach because we have the same kind of faith the psalmist had when he said, ‘I believe in God, so I spoke.” Speak God’s truth no matter the battle that is raging against you or inside of you because God willing, you will see the victory.

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