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Where do You want me, God?

So a friend sent me a text from a Facebook post yesterday morning. (Thanks Barbara!!!) The post tells readers to do 2 things. First ask God "Where do You want me?" Then, "When you get the answer, start walking in that direction." Upon reading this, my heart sang as this has been my personal focus this week.

I've transported my morning commute into my commune time with God. That drive use to be so long. Now it seems I'm on and off the interstate before I know it. During yesterday morning's conversation, one thing kept popping into my mind. God kept bringing back to my remembrance the thing that made my heart sing continuously. I mean I had a full on conversation about this one thing that made me happy beyond measure. I was babbling for at least 10 minutes. God reminded me of the joy I always felt in completing what others deemed a chore. God reminded me of the love He gave me so that I could give it to the world as He commanded . No wonder this job where I'm currently working isn't fulfilling me. It doesn't feed that part of me that He created in me. Its actually draining me and not fulfilling any part of me - financially, physically, spiritually. There is no sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, just a struggle to be here at all. I sit most days bored, having finished assigned projects and/or daily tasks with little to no difficulty.

I thank God for the confirmation and push that I've received. I thank God for Barbara's obedience in sending this post to me today and for giving the words to the writer of the post..Judith Christie McAllister.

As I set off on this new journey, I challenge you to do the same...ask God, where do you want me? Then wait for the answer. I promise you He'll tell you. But you must be open to hear the full of it then accept it so you can Move, Go, Do, Be!!! Be A Blessing Onto the World

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