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Study to Show Thyself Approved….Are you a Balm??

I didn’t grow up in church. I didn’t truthfully turn my life over to Christ until I was 30 years old. I initially wanted to raise my son in church so he would have a relationship with Christ. Something I felt I was missing. I wanted him to be rooted and grounded not in this world but in God’s world. I wasn’t worried about my soul, only about his.

But God has this way. Once I started taking him to church and having him attend a before and after program at a local church, I began to go to church on Sunday morning. I started seeing a difference event though I was still straddling the fence.

One day, God told me to move to Manassas, VA. I couldn’t understand it. Even asked what is a “Manassas”, where is it? I didn’t understand at the time that my life would be changed forever. A chance encounter with a Pastor and his wife in a recreational gym where my son played basketball led to me joining their church where I figured he would get the male nurturing that he needed. I still didn’t see the plan for me. But God has this way.

Sitting in this new church in Manassas, VA, I constantly heard these phrases that I didn’t understand. There seemed to be a church lingo that was understandable by all but me. So, I started to study. I started to write down the phrases and go home and look them up on the internet. When I had questions, God led me to the right people to ask. One of the favorite sayings was – “There is a bomb in Gilead.” Yes, I know now that its balm and not bomb. But when I first heard it, I heard bomb. My mind couldn’t comprehend why God would want to blow something up. Really?? What happened to this peaceful, forgiving God that all these people were hollering about? Then, they started shouting over a bomb. So, I took the time to study for myself and discovered that I had the wrong b – balm not bomb. (See for more details on this subject).

The balm is healing. There is a healing in Gilead. This balm was an ointment that had healing properties. But the one that the church folk were shouting over – the balm that they were exalting wasn’t an ointment. They were lifting up God for being a healer. Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who heals (Exdodus 15:26). There is one that can erase the pain. There is one that can rejuvenate the spirit. There is one that can soothe the troubled waters. There is a balm, healing, anointed One. Now, I get the rejoicing. Now, I understand the lingo. But, I wouldn’t unless I had taken the time to study for myself.

My job is to thirst after Him. My job is to study the Word for myself. My job is to implement the Word into my everyday life. My job is to uphold the scriptures and use the Word to be His hands on this earth – to be a balm wherever my feet land.

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