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First Post - May 1, 2018

I sit in awe of God. Most days, I sit and wait to hear what He's going to say next - what He's going to do next.

In January 2017, I sat at my desk and heard Him clearly tell me to write my resignation letter. Nothing was wrong. I was in a place that I liked. I worked with people that I consider friends. I wasn't expecting to leave my position, my job, my friends, my life.

Fast forward to the summer of 2017. I applied for another position within my company. Just knew this is what God had meant back in January. NOPE!!! I received an offer that in all truthfulness insulted me. But, I thank God for it now. Within days, I was laying face down on the alter asking God what He wanted. He said MOVE. I asked where, He said Charlotte. I went home that day and began packing my house. I had no idea where I would be living or working. But, I know God would provide and I left my trust and fears in His arms.

September 2017, I landed in Charlotte. New apartment. New job. New friends. New beginning. All I knew was this. God has a plan for me. He made me 3 promises before officially leaving Virginia. One has manifested. I wait on the other 2. I sit in a season of expectation of His greatness. For His promises will never come back void and they don't waiver.

I'm beginning to see and understand what the Word means when it says that His ways are not our ways. What I thought would happen and where I thought I would be in my 40s isn't where I am. THANK GOD for that. I've always wanted to write, to blog. I've never had the courage to do so. God opened this door and I'm walking through.

Trust. Believe. Faith. Move. Go. Do. Be. These are the words that resonate in my spirit these days. The words that have become my mantra.

Let the journey begin!!!

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