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Am I Boaz Ready?

I keep hearing that my husband is on the way. This has me wondering if I’m ready for Boaz. Have I made room for him in my world? The world that now moves when I want it too (always under the direction of the Lord, thy God). As a single parent, much of my world was centered around my son’s schedule. I wanted to make sure that I was always ready and available if he needed me. But, now that he’s off to college...second year....and the prophecy has been released over me, I wonder if I’m truly ready to be unselfish with my time.

I read this book last year about the physical Boaz being dead. Duh! Of course he is. A woman would have to be crazy to think that the man that married Ruth is still walking this earth. Women are looking for what he, affection, security, protection, provision, and most importantly love. When we say we are looking for Boaz, then understand that we are looking for the man that presents himself that way. Michelle found her Boaz in Barack. My mom found her Boaz in my dad. My aunts, in their husbands. The ideology of Boaz is one that Christian women cherish. However, have we made room for him in our lives?

Some years ago, I dated a man that had the audacity to tell me no when I asked him something. It completely threw me off. In my mind, I screamed, what do you mean no?! Being my dad’s daughter, meant I was spoiled. I’m a daddy’s girl. My brothers and cousins are overprotective. I’ve always been spoiled by the men in my family. So when he said no, I figured he wasn’t really talking to me. So I threw a 15 minute tantrum on why I wanted what I wanted. At the end of my tantrum, in the calmest voice ever he said, “I said no and I mean no”. While this experience was new, it showed me that no wasn’t a curse word. Looking back, it was training on how to be submissive to the one who is my husband.

Am I ready to be married? I honestly believe so. Not because I’m tired of being single. Not because I want someone to pay my bills. But, because I’ve learned that compromise and submission aren’t bad words. Used in the right context with the right person, they can be educational and rewarding.

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