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World Wind of Differences

If I’ve learned anything these past two years it’s 1. take time and celebrate the little things and 2. take time and celebrate yourself.

I use to hear it in church all the time... “when I take time and look back over my life”. It became such a part of service that it became cliché. However, sitting still for a minute this morning and just observing the world around me, I realized how good my life has been over the last two years. I’m working in a field I love, doing what I like. It has opened the door for me to learn more and see more of myself and the world. I get to do something I love which is to learn from others, learning their cultures, beliefs and understanding that what I think makes us so different isn’t so different.

I have a friend who lives in Turkey. I call him brother - Abi. We formed a bond where he’s now telling me that I need to come and see his country like he’s seen mine. We talk regularly as a check in on each other. Our religion, culture, and up bringing is different. But our basic understanding of what really matters family, love, peace etc. is the same. We respect our differences in religion and talk about them. We don’t shout or hate because of the differences, we listen and learn. This inspires me to do more, do better when interacting with others as well. It opens my eyes even the more that just because we have different beliefs and/or backgrounds doesn’t make one right and the other wrong. It just means there’s a difference there where we need to be consciously aware of each other’s feelings and to listen more intently to the emotions behind the words.

As I’m learning to appreciate the differences in others, I’m also learning to appreciate the difference in me. I Am Different and there’s nothing wrong with that. I walk, talk, think differently. I’m okay with that. I’m proud of the skin I’m in and that includes the size, shape, hue, and all other things that go along with that skin. I am wonderfully made as Nakya. I don’t need nor desire to be you. Two of you makes one less of me. That is one of the things I do admire about these 20 - 25 year olds. They move differently. They think differently. Having a conversation with one can be frustrating but in all honesty it can also be eye opening. Taking the time to listen to their point of view may sometimes be a round robin but if we sit aside our automatic way of thought, our eyes could be open to a whole new school of thought.

Let’s celebrate our differences instead of being combative and political about them. Let's take the time and listen to each other. Maybe then, we can actually do what Jesus commanded us to do in John 15:12 "My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you (NIV)".

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- Nakya


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