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Steady Like Job

This morning has been a trial already. About 2 am, my son woke me with the news that someone hit his car and fled from the scene as he was making his way home. Praise God that he is fine, no injuries. His car took the brunt of the accident. We called the police to report it and get an incident number for the insurance company and were told to go back to the scene and call the police from there. We did that and sat for almost 3 hours waiting on a patrol car to respond. The accident was horrible in and of itself but having to sit and wait was an irritation. Once on the scene, the 2 police officers were friendly, apologetic, and courteous of the fact that we had been sitting and waiting for a response. Could my son and I been irate and upset? Absolutely. Would that have accomplished anything? Nope.

Here is the thing. My son wasn't hurt. His car was - the material possession. My son's life has been spared. He had no physical or mental damages from the accident. There were people behind him that stopped and made sure he was okay. Mankind's compassion still exists. Caring for another as you do yourself is not dead in the earth.

Hours later, after catching a couple hours of sleep, I drove to work. God reminded me of the sermon last Sunday. The topic was a man named Job. See the devil was walking back and forth trying to see whom he could devour. God asked Satan if he had tried His servant, Job? God removed the hedge; told him he could take everything but his life. Satan threw all he had at Job. Job didn't curse God and die. He never wavered in his love for God. My son showed me what kind of man he was this morning. He didn't waver. Didn't blame God for his misfortunes. He and I bother agreed that it was a blessing in disguise and kept going. He was okay. The car would either be okay or scrapped. At the end of the day, God's plan is God's plan. Is it inconvenient? Yes. Would we have rather that it never happened? At the end of the day, you have to realize that not every trial is meant to hurt you. Job was true to God. His love, his endurance, his belief that God is, was, and would forever be the God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Job believed God - His promise of a tomorrow better than today.

If you read Job 1, you'll read of all the things Job had been blessed with and all that was stripped from him. By Job 42, you'll learn that God doubled Job's blessings. The 7 thousand sheep became 14 thousand, the 3 thousand camel became 6 thousand, the 500 yoke of oxen became 1000, and the 500 donkeys became 1000. Why? Job was steadfast and true. He didn't believe in what he saw. But, a man like that. A man that loved God above all else. I would guess that his best blessing was seeing the Father upon the completion of His life.

Can you do the same? Can you stand on the promises of God without cursing Him? Waiting on the promises to manifest with the promise of everlasting life with the Father as your greatest blessing?

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- Nakya


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