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Change Me??!!

I was at work the other day and started to laugh at myself. Not hysterically or anything like a mad man, but just a chuckle between me and God. For the past couple of years, I've been working on a construction site where there is a majority of men. Now, before you single women ask me to switch jobs, know that working with mostly men comes at a price - egos. Mostly, mine.

Being a single parent, I got use to doing things myself. Never really wanting to ask anyone for help and having this inner battle with myself when I had no other choice but to seek help. I had gotten so use to juggling the multiple factors in my life that it had become a way of life. If I needed to move furniture, I found a way to do it. If I needed to change a tire, I did it or paid someone to do it. I cooked the dinner after working 40 hours a week to make the money that brought the food at the grocery store. I changed the light bulbs and washed the sheets. Me, that is whom I got use to relying on on a day to day basis. Now, understand, I wouldn't change that time for anything because it has made me who I am. However, in the past two years, I've realized and accepted that there is nothing wrong with some help.

The guys in my office use to argue with me if I moved furniture without asking for help. They would fuss at me when I carry 5 bags into the office without asking for help, especially when its goodies for them. They've learned to move me out of the way, scold me with a shake of their heads and take charge. I use to get in a huff about it until a wise co-worker (another female) said to me, let the men be men. Juanita would constantly tell me that she understood having been a single parent too but learned to step aside and let them be the men that they were made to be. Over time, I learned to move out of their way. Now, I ask for help and don't feel less than because I need it. I still have times when I think I'm Wonder Woman, but I thank God for the inner change within my mind.

I write this message today to encourage us all not to be scared of change. Our daily routines have changed vastly over the course of months. We don't know what tomorrow will bring, but we know the One that knows. Change isn't an awful thing. It can be good and uplifting. It can open our eyes to something that we were blind too. Change means to make or become different. That word - different. Some of us see that as bad. But different can be seen as rare and unique. Rare jewels are a precious commodity. So be different, be rare, be the jewel you were designed to be. Change comes when we take the time to see our natural selves with our spiritual eye. God created us to be us. No one can be you and no one can be me. Enjoy the time you spend alone and get to know yourself.

Now, if and when things go back to "normal" don't do "normal". Your praise should have changed, your worship should have changed. Why? How? By spending this time alone with no one but you and God. Our communication with God should be up another degree by the time a vaccine is announced. Our fasting, prayer, worship, commitment, etc should have grown by leaps and bounds during quarantine. What if, God desired of you to get to know Him on a higher level during this time? Have you? Did you spend time consuming your bible or just reading it? Now, let me define this consume. Being able to quote back scripture isn't my definition of consume. Being able to live the scripture is. Animals can regurgitate. People should do more.

During this time, change the way you define your relationship with God. Take it up a notch. I overslept this morning. Jumped up, got in a quick shower, threw on whatever clothes I could find and in the midst of it, I stopped. I hadn't bent the knee before the King. Yeah, I was already late for work, but starting my day with God was more important. My prayers have changed to. Now, I ask God, what is it You want of me today? Lord, those answers have both blessed and challenged my soul. But each new answer from the throne room pushes me harder to be more like the God I serve.

Be A Blessing and Not Just Blessed

- - Nakya

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