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On my way to get pedicure yesterday, I began to again think of what personal license plate to put on the front of my car. In North Carolina, you are only required to have one license plate on the rear. Much different from Virginia. So, I’m thinking that I want my plate to represent me. Issue here is that I am multifaceted. I am a child of God, daughter, mother, sister, niece, cousin, friend, employee. My son has previously suggested that I get a Delta Sigma Theta plate to represent my sorority. But I am more than the letters and colors that I represent. Don’t misunderstand me. I am a Delta and I love what “she” represents in the world. However, if you ask my co-workers, they’ll describe me as the administrator that is no nonsense and keeps things afloat (not bragging on the later part, this is what I’ve been told). If you ask friends, I am a shoulder when needed. If you ask another, they’ll tell you something different. I’ve come to realize that who I am to you depends on our relationship. It makes me better understand Matt 16:15 where Jesus asks the disciples who do they say He is. Prior to this, Jesus had asked who do the people say the Son of Man is? The disciples answer varied from John the Baptist to Elijah, to Jeremiah, to another prophet. Some people will call you what they see in you. Relationships will often dictate how we view each other and how we describe others to the world. When I introduce my son to people, I introduce him just that way…. “This is my son Taron.” What of your relationship with Jesus? Who do you say He is? What does your relationship with Him say to the world of whom He is to you? How awesome would it be to introduce Him to someone as My Everything, My Jesus, My Lord, My Savior, My Protector, My Provider, My Breathe of Life. There are so many ways to acknowledge whom Jesus is. So many ways to describe that one on one relationship that we have with Him. Note this though, you can introduce him any way you choose (with respect of course) but your relationship will describe what you know of Him. I can tell you my son’s name, but my relationship with him dictates what I know of what is happening in his life. He’s a student at UNC Charlotte majoring in Communications working with the Football team taking photos and video to help with recruitment. RELATIONSHIP means more than name dropping. Pharisees drop names. Christians that have relationship have testimonies.

So …. who do you say Jesus is?

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